Coming to a campus university is great because it means you have everything you need within five minutes of you. So whether you need to post a letter or buy a sandwich, you can. Here's a quick list of all of stuff that we have 


The Kitchen

The Kitchen is exactly like your kitchen at home. It serves hot drinks and food.

The walls are covered with blank mugs for you to decorate and make your own.


The Salon

The Salon is the place on campus to get your hair and nails done.

They cut men and women's hair for much cheaper than in town. 

You can find The Salon in the Mini Mall off Square 3.



Frango's is your on-campus chicken restaurant. It serves Portuguese inspired chicken dishes

You can find Frango's next to the LTB by Square 3


The Store

The Store is your on-campus supermarket with a difference. You choose everything that gets stocked.


Post Office

If you need to post a parcel back home, or send back some stuff from your online shopping order you can do it really easily with our on-campus post office.

You can find the Post Office on Square 4


SU Lets

We're tired of estate agents ripping off students, so campus even has its own house-finding service. SU Lets will help you find a house to live in and won't charge you any fees.

SU Lets is off Square 3.


The Burrow

The Burrow is your newsagent on campus. They've got papers and sweets from all over the world.