We're really proud of the way that we've worked with the University this year to make great things happen. Things like Open Days and Chinese New Year have only been successful because of the incredible collaboration between the Union and the University.

Together we're driving each other forward like never before and our members are seeing the benefits.

Essex SU have had an amazing year, which is the culmination of incredible hard work, a willingness to think differently and take risks in innovating.

From persuading the University to offer free sport for students to the #inthistogether campaign supporting students through their exams, Essex SU is breaking new ground in delivering a great experience for students.
— Anthony Forster - Vice Chancellor, University of Essex

The SU even wrote the University's manifesto, setting out what the Essex stands for (and what it stands against), all through the eyes of students.

The manifesto has been used as the centre-piece of a recruitment campaign that has increased applications by a staggering 18%, featuring on videos, billboards and the front cover of the prospectus:


For a Students’ Union to succeed for their members, they need to be effective advocates. On occasions, that advocacy can feel, and may need to feel, uncomfortable for the university concerned.

To be effective on a sustainable basis, however, advocacy needs to be more than strident. It needs to reflect a trusting and valued partnership focused on meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of students.

That is the relationship that, together, we have built with Essex Students’ Union. We challenge each other to be the best that we can and, as a result, have achieved things for students individually and collectively that we couldn’t otherwise have contemplated.
— Bryn Morris - Registrar & Secretary, University of Essex