The SU at Essex isn't run by some mysterious corporation - it's run by you.

You choose what we stock in our supermarket by writing on a tag and pinning it to the wall. You decide our position on key issues by dropping off a token in our vote boxes while you're grabbing lunch.  

And by creating new, super accessible methods of democracy we're giving you the chance to use the SU as a platform to achieve real change. 

You own this Union. We're a platform for ideas and dreams, where nothing’s too big or too small. 

Grab a Sharpie and find a frame on the walls of the SU Bar to scribble words of inspiration or post a photo.

Watch what students wrote on the walls:

Or write on a mug in The Kitchen and add it to our mug wall.  On your graduation day, come and take it away as a souvenir of Essex - we'll even fill it with free coffee for you.