By being a member of the SU, you get the chance to do more interesting stuff in your spare time than you ever have.

Clubs and societies are all run by students and are great ways of meeting new people and doing what you already love or trying new stuff.

You can join as many or as few of these as you want, or you can use  the SU as a platform to start your own.

Theatre Arts

We aim to provide additional theatre experience to students within a more social environment. We will put on shows and plays for other students staff to watch.

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Malaysian Society

We provide a medium where Malaysian students are able to seek help, advice, and company while adjusting themselves in a foreign country. The multi-racial culture of Malaysia will also be introduced to other foreign students, spreading the awareness and knowledge of different countries. We encourage the sense of community within the Malaysian students and welcome foreigners who have taken an interest in the cultures if Malaysia.

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Christian Union

In essence, we are a non-denominational group of Christians aiming to share the Good news of the saving Grace of God through his Son Jesus Christ. We welcome both Christians and non-Christians, whether you're a Christian seeking to grow further in the love of God, or you're a non-Christian that has questions about who God is and what we believe.

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Nursing Society

We support and advise nursing students throughout their degree. We run socials and events for nursing students catered around our course. We attend professional events as a society e.g. Royal College of Nursing events. We hold debates and learning days with guest speakers.

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