Over 150 SU staff and volunteers worked in the house.  In eleven days 3,700 students journeyed through the heirloom house.  3,700 students immersed themselves in the SU story.  3,700 students customised their heirloom to provide a treasured, personal connection to the SU. 

In our key target audience of first years, membership awareness rose by 106%, international students' awareness rose by 77%, and in Postgraduate Research students (traditionally one of our hard-to-reach groups) awareness went up by an incredible 83%.

The heirloom had a direct impact on the SU's key benchmark measure; their overall Net Promoter Score rose by an unprecedented 43 points (or 57%) for students that collected an heirloom. For EU students the impact was even more pronounced, rising by 54 points (67%).