After months of work creating the heirloom, we didn't want to simply hand them out - we wanted to make the point of becoming a member of the SU special, even magical.

So we built a huge heirloom house, right in the middle of campus.  It was deliberately mysterious, with no way of seeing what happened inside.

Once through the front door we took students on a journey through three distinct rooms, immersing them in our story and exciting them about the incredible potential of what we can achieve together.

Then, in the final room came the emotional bit - we chose to start our relationship with members in the same way that we'd start a relationship with anyone we care about, by listening, getting to know what mattered to them and seeing how we could help - that's 3,700 heartfelt conversations between members and the SU, complete with laughter, tears and inspiration.

And then the magic - from a secret hole in the wall appeared each students' heirloom, made to their exact specifications, ending the journey through the house with a childlike sense of wonder.