This isn't all just a fad - we're deadly serious about our mission to become the world's most student-centred organisation.

To measure how we're doing against this and our four promises we created our 'Vital Stats' - a twice termly review where we speak to over 1,000 members and get their honest opinion on how we're doing.  

In keeping with our no-bullshit mentality we then publish these as a beautiful infographic, so that all members, staff and stakeholders can see how we're getting on so far. 

In the past year and a half the SU at Essex has been completely reborn.

As a result we've seen...

  • Our highest ever levels of membership engagement - a doubling of the number of students involved in sport, record numbers of society members and more students involved in volunteering than ever before
  • Active rather than passive members - we've moved from a position where most students didn't realise they were a member to one where the majority aren't just aware but are genuinely using the SU as a platform for making change happen
  • A new, open, student-centred democracy - from a position where a minority of students voted once or twice a year to a system where more than 5,000 students shape the direction of the SU every week
  • A kick-ass membership - a transformation of services to deliver more directly against our members needs - free sport for all, student street markets every Thursday, a pioneering social study space in Southend - the list goes on
  • A family that celebrates its diversity - identifying previously underrepresented groups and helping them take centre-stage through major events like International Week, Holi festival, and the SU's Chinese New Year celebrations 
  • A Union that is visibly owned by its members - from students' personalised frames on the walls of the SU Bar, to giant hanging photos of our members dominating the entrance to our new space in Southend, or the hundreds of products we've stocked in our supermarket because our members asked for it - wherever you look it's clear that students run this union