biggest threat to the world of 2016

Some of our favourite answers:

Not wiping after a number 2
— A student
Oil prices
— A student
— Someone who hates yearbooks

Winner: Donald Trump

We reached out to Donald Trump for comment on (hopefully) his last win of the year.

He left us a little message with a load of words that didn't mean a lot. He said "freedom" about 17 times.

Hero of the Year

Some of our favourite answers:

— A person
— A person
Uncle Ben (the rice guy)
— A big fan of microwavable rice

Winner: Jon Snow


The majority of the votes in this category were cast before the season finale, so this might already be out of date, but congratulations to Jon Snow on his momentous win.

It's a bit sad that the biggest hero of the year is fictional - anyone want to do 1,000 words on why there are no real heroes any more?