biggest threat to the world in 2017

Some of our favourite answers:

Errors of communication
— Someone who sent a Snap to the wrong person
The price of Freddo
— Someone who doesn't understand inflation
— A person


This is not fake news, The Donald has narrowly failed to defend his crown for 2017. We're sure he'll accept the decision and won't cause a fuss.

Biggest scandal

Some of our favourite answers:

Tesco’s 2 for £20 spirits
— A term pass holder
Elon Musk
— Someone angling for a free Tesla
The SU Angels
— Someone we paid £5

Winner: SIr david attenborough


Hero of the Year

Some of our favourite answers:

No ethically sourced hummus in the SU shop
— People for the Ethical Treatment of Chickpeas
Becci and Kieran’s secret relationship
— xoxo Gossip Girl
United Airlines

WINNER: brexit