Best tv show of 2016

Some of our favourite answers:

House of Cards
— A student
Home Under The Hammer
— Someone with poor lecture attendance
I don’t watch TV.
— Most people

WINNER: Game of thrones


Unsurprisingly, the biggest show of the decade is also Essex's favourite show of the past 12 months.  


game of the year

Some of our favourite answers:

Running away from my responsibilities.
— A person
I re-enact Man vs Food eating challenges
— Someone at high risk of heart atack
I’m tragically addicted to The Sims
— A person

WINNER: Going outside


Surprisingly, 47% of Essex students decided that they prefer to go outside than play computer games, but still had enough time to fill in this dumb quiz.

There was no resounding victor in this category, which means everyone was too busy studying. Right?