In June, we set out to create a yearbook to capture what Essex students in 2016 thought. It's a scientific study backed up by the Office of National Statistics (it's really not).

Best tv show of 2016

Some of our favourite answers:

House of Cards
— A student
Home Under The Hammer
— Someone with poor lecture attendance
I don’t watch TV.
— Most people

We reached out to Donald Trump for comment on (hopefully) his last win of the year, he left us a little message saying with all of our support we can make America great again. We aren’t sure what he meant, but I am sure it was meant to be profound and exciting. He also repeated the word freedom about 17 times.

Best Game of Thrones characters

The one who dies first
— Someone angry
Harry Potter
— A confused person
I read GoT before it was a TV show
— A hipster

game of the year

Some of our favourite answers:

Running away from my responsibilities.
— A person
I re-enact Man vs Food eating challenges
— Someone at high risk of heart atack
I’m tragically addicted to The Sims
— A person